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At an early age I discovered I truly enjoyed talking into recording devices. During my early years on summer vacation, a friend and I would spend countless hours recording comedy skits onto cassette tapes along with top 40 music mimicking radio personalities.  We would bring these tapes along on family road trips and would have to stop the tapes because of laughing so hard it made driving a tricky experience for my dad. 



With the ability to quickly and easily create rapport with everyone I meet, no one is a stranger including the characters in my imagination.  I believe what ultimately drew me to voice acting years ago, was when I participated in our church program "Radio Nights".  We would read aloud copies of radio plays that were made during the time families would gather around their radios after diner for entertainment before TV came along.  During the program I had the opportunity to voice many characters, such as the Lone Ranger, a sports announcer, and comedy scripts.  After the show, a sweet senior adult came to me and shared how much she enjoyed the performance and told me that I missed my calling…...  Fast forward to today, I realize that I have the ability to bring service and value to clients of all industries utilizing my voice.

Dean’s background as a professional welder, welding on LIVE High-Pressure Natural Gas Lines, symbolizes his unequivocal attention to detail. With great versatility, Dean brings a genuine, welcoming voice that shines through each read.  Captivating audiences of all ages with professional voice acting, coupled with pride and professionalism, Dean can custom tailor his talents to fit your business needs. 



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